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About Us

Advocating for student success

Secondary Success and Beyond is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist high school students reach their goals after graduation. Whether their goal is to attend college, trade school or begin their career right away, our staff can give them the tools to be successful. Each student will be assigned to one of our mentors and will receive one-on-one sessions to help guide them through tasks such as college applications, filling out the FAFSA, interviewing, resume and cover letter writing, essay writing and more. At Secondary Success and Beyond, we believe that anyone can be successful with the right tools. We intend to give you those tools.

Our Story

Secondary Success and Beyond was founded in Rockford, IL in 2020 by Gabrielle Foreman who, at the time, was a senior in college herself. She saw a need amongst the high school and college students in her community and she decided to do something about it. There were many peers that she encountered at Northern Illinois University who were first generation college students. They expressed their struggles and frustrations with not knowing how to navigate the labyrinth that is higher education. They wished that there had been someone to walk them through all of the steps to getting into college and how to have success once there. Gabrielle herself shared some of their frustrations and felt it imperative to reach back for the disadvantaged students coming behind her. By her senior year she had worked out the kinks and really got into a good rhythm. She was able to network, build her resume and prepare herself for the career she has today. Gabrielle believes that every student should have access to the same resources she had. Thus, Secondary Success and Beyond was born. 


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