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Program Description 

Program for High School Students:

We typically begin mentoring students during their freshman year of high school. We help students explore their interests, teach them organization and study skills, and encourage involvement in their community and extracurricular activities at school. During their junior year we begin ACT/SAT prep and exploring their post secondary education options. Senior mentoring includes assistance with their college/trade school applications, filling out the FAFSA, finding and applying for scholarships and preparing them for their transition from high school to college, trade school, or the workforce.

Program for College Students:

We continue to mentor students through college that have been in our program since high school, however, we will also take new recruits at this stage. College students enrolled in SSAB's program will have a mentor to support them with their transition to the new world that is college. Mentors will connect them to resources on campus, encourage healthy time management and assist students with career readiness: gaining work experience, resume writing, etc.

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